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About Us – Halls Planning Consultants

About Us – Halls Planning Consultants

At Halls, as part of our long-established property business serving the West Midlands and Mid-Wales, our highly-skilled and multi-disciplinary professional planning practice can offer you a completely bespoke service to meet your specific development goals. Our team of expert planning consultants will guide you through every step of the planning process, from project inception to completion.

Striving for the best results

We pride ourselves on maintaining a reliable and highly-regarded planning consultancy service; always focussing on the bigger picture – getting to know you, your project and your needs. Beginning with your development options, we can easily breakdown development costs and give you no-nonsense advice on achieving a successful outcome, unlocking the maximum potential and value of your land and property.

We bring unrivalled expertise and experience, not only in national and local planning policies and procedures, but also an enviable proven track record in successful planning applications that achieve the best outcome for each and every one of our clients.

Our in-house team will work hard to make sure you have every chance possible of success. We will prepare technical plans and drawings and coordinate planning applications from start to finish, navigating any hurdles and always striving for the best results, for you.

Unlock the maximum potential & value of your land & property

Halls Planning is a renowned town and country planning consultancy in the UK, offering personalized and effective services to clients across various sectors. We pride ourselves in our client-centered approach that prioritises value addition, innovation, professionalism, and providing practical solutions for successful project outcomes.

With decades of experience in the industry, we have developed a strong reputation for balancing risk and time to manage our clients’ cost exposure while steadily adding value. Our multidisciplinary team brings together expertise in planning, development, and law to optimize development value and minimize planning risks.

Halls offer expert advice to both public and private sector clients on all aspects of property development, from conceptualization to completion. Additionally, we provide representation for clients in planning appeals, advocating for their interests throughout the process.

Our strong governance structure ensures consistent high-quality services, positive customer experiences, and value for money. If you require our services, kindly contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

UK Planning Law & Policy

The UK planning regime can be a complex environment that requires an understanding of planning law, policy, the duties of local authorities and statutory bodies, as well as the rights of individuals and applicants.

Our multi-disciplinary background allows us to bring these various elements together to provide comprehensive support to our clients in the public and private sectors to meet even the most challenging needs.

Whether you are a property developer looking to make a planning application, an investor assessing the best use for a property portfolio, or a lender conducting due diligence to minimize investment risk, we offer initial advice to maximize development potential and reduce planning risk. Our pre-application approach is critical in reducing the cost and risk of later applications, as resource and time constraints often require it.

We collaborate with agents, valuers, and architects to advise on the viability of a scheme, including density, car parking, and the planning gain package that may be required.

We have extensive experience in urban regeneration and provide advice to developers on the powers, processes, and steps involved in advancing larger schemes. We work with other professionals and local authorities to insulate the scheme against future costs and delays caused by legal challenges and third-party objections.

We also have experience negotiating planning, highways, and other relevant agreements that may be necessary to secure permission while ensuring that a viable, sustainable, and attractive development is delivered. Our background advising several local planning authorities allows us to provide detailed and clear advice on planning procedures, costs, and timescales.

We aim to facilitate a cooperative relationship between clients and the local authority to deliver sustainable and high-quality development