IT & Computer Network Installations

IT & Computer Network Installations As market leaders in Microsoft and Linux, we can offer the best advice in all aspects of LAN and WAN solutions. We are constantly scanning technology horizons for new and innovative ways to enhance our client’s experience. You can be sure that our solutions are always cutting edge and continually […]

IT & Computer Network Audits

IT & Computer Network Audits Our computer network audits comprise of three key areas, Internal Audit, Penetration Test and Software Audit. Internal IT Network Audit The configuration of your computer network is subject to change on a regular basis. Within your IT networks, stores of valuable organisational assets are often held, and are often restricted […]

Emergency IT Network Support

Emergency IT Network Support Our core business is supporting the networks of our customers, predominantly providing effective, Microsoft and non-Microsoft based solutions. While we constantly seek out the latest and best technologies, we will only implement solutions that are tried and tested. Our Network and PC Support Services include Resolving any day to day issues […]

Email Marketing Lists

Email Marketing Lists Email marketing is truly one of the Internet’s best business tools. Never before has it been possible to reach such a large number of people at such a small cost. While surfing the Net is a national pastime, studies indicate that the average buyer only returns to a few select web sites. […]

Email Marketing KPI Tracking & Analytics

Email Marketing KPIs, Tracking & Analytics Search and Submit use a comprehensive email tracking system which, once the email or  newsletter has been published, can not only record each response/click trough to the website but, will also log the details of all responses against each subscriber for every issue. Because the responses are tracked instantly […]

Email Marketing FAQs

Email Marketing FAQs The best email marketing services can be tailored precisely to your needs, handling as little or as much of the process you require in each issue, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. How do you track results? We are able to place a hidden image or element on the page that […]