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Blog Post SEO Tops Local & National Google Results

How To Position Estate Agency Blog Posts On Local & National  Property Searches

Offering detailed but easy-to-understand analysis of the national and local property market helps to quickly establish an estate agency as an authority and industry expert who’s on top of their game. 

How can I use my blog posts to expand and engage a bigger audience?

A proactive blogging strategy can help estate agents expand their reach on the search engines. By creating a steady flow of optimised webpages that rank well on Google property searches, estate agents can engage new customers locally, nationally and globally.

In fact, one of the biggest obstacles to a successful SEO campaign is the difficulty in implementing a coherent content creation strategy.

Google loves fresh news and content and Googlebot will return to index the website after each new blog post is uploaded.

How can I extend the reach and improve the return on investment of my blog posts?

By consistently updating a large archive of property content, estate agents can demonstrate a proven track record and a  thorough understanding of the property market over time.

Prospective clients doing their own due diligence are using Google to find out what is happening in the national and local property market. They are looking for the news or analysis that will influence their own property decisions today and in the future.

Ultimately they need to know when the time is right for them and this is where professional, local, inside knowledge is worth its weight in gold.

Blog posts for social media, press releases, newsletters and property journalists

Strong, consistent and ultimately successful blog post marketing is never achieved with a piecemeal approach. We believe in harnessing all the webmaster guidelines, keyword research, competitor knowledge and market understanding.

We work with you to construct a practical and comprehensive blog post strategy that will drive the search engine optimisation process forward and raise the internet profile of your estate agency.

Landing Pages – By optimising your blog posts for Google search we can position and promote your expertise and experience when potential clients are looking for your type of business, properties or services. There’s no better time to connect with a potential customer than when they really need you.

Email Newsletters – Growing a regular readership of your blog posts also presents the opportunity to build an email newsletter list. Sending great content to your base on a regular basis keeps you in the client’s mind even when they aren’t using your services.

Social Media – By posting links to the blog posts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, estate agencies can feed their followers with unique and informative property market news that is important enough to get like and shared.

Property Journalists – Press, TV and radio journalists always need quotes, facts and anecdotes to complete articles and stories. By demonstrating extensive knowledge of property niches and markets, estate agents can gain valuable national and local media coverage.

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