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Care Home Owner Shocked by Energy BillNavigating the intricacies of care home energy contracts, we shed light on the unsettling reality of mis-selling—a phenomenon that goes beyond mere numbers, impacting care facilities, resident well-being, and needlessly straining finances.

Leading the charge, Reclaim Energy auditors are actively supporting care home operators, empowering them to spot mis-sold contracts, reclaim refunds, and forge custom solutions to safeguard against future risks.

Care Home Energy Scandal Fueled by Mis-Sold Contracts

Mis-selling practices within care home energy contracts, encompassing concealed fees, undisclosed commissions, and poorly matched long-term agreements, have burdened care facilities with unwarranted energy costs. This financial challenge compounds the existing difficulties faced by a sector grappling with tight budgets.

Take, for instance, a small care home in Newcastle, grappling with around £100,000 in hidden fees over six years due to a mis-sold energy contract. This vivid example underscores the tangible and adverse effects of mis-selling within the care home sector.

Why Mis-Selling Strikes at the Heart of Care Homes

Mis-sold energy contracts not only dent the financial health of care home businesses but also compromise the quality of care extended to residents. Funds that could otherwise be channeled into resident well-being and facility enhancements are diverted towards unjustifiable energy costs.

In response to this growing concern, care homes are increasingly seeking legal redress to claim compensation for financial losses arising from mis-sold energy contracts. Currently, over 1,500 compensation claims are underway, emphasizing the widespread recognition of this issue.

How Reclaim Energy Supports Care Homes in Identifying Mis-Sold Energy Contracts

As seasoned business energy auditors, Reclaim Energy provides care home owners and financial directors with clarity in pinpointing mis-sold contracts. Through meticulous scrutiny of energy contracts for hidden fees, undisclosed commissions, and ill-suited long-term commitments, we document all relevant details to determine the extent of mis-selling and present our findings to reclaim what is rightfully owed.

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