Business Models Used By Property Portals To Raise Revenue

Property portals typically employ several business models to generate revenue. These models include: Subscription Model: Property portals charge real estate agents, property developers, or homeowners a subscription fee to list their properties on the platform. The fee may vary based on factors such as the number of listings, the level of visibility, or the geographic […]

Graphic Design Or Website Design

The Power of Corporate Branding: Graphic Designers and Website Development Corporate branding plays a pivotal role in establishing a company’s distinct identity, creating a lasting impression on potential customers. It encompasses the visual elements and messaging that enable individuals to connect with and be inspired by a company, its products, and its services. When it […]

Estate Agents Advertising On Yell

How much to advertise my business with Yell? Is a Yell website worth the money? Will advertising with Yell help my business? Are Yell websites goof for SEO? How can I get out of a Yell website contract? Are You Making Money With Yell’s Products & Services? Yell is an online business directory listing service […]

SEO Marketing Training Companies

Bespoke SEO Marketing Plans For Training Companies Does your company need a complete online marketing strategy? There is little point in spending valuable time and money developing and designing a new company website and then simply sitting back and waiting for people to look at it and eagerly enroll on one of your courses. Some […]

Learner Enrolment & Retention In Skills Training Sector

Business Problems Faced By FE & Skills Training Providers A recent news item in FE Week announced that ‘ A training provider is cancelling a near-£3 million adult education budget contract with a devolved authority and closing five training centres due to a lack of student demand.’ A spokesman for the training provider explained that […]