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Creating Website Content To Be Found On Google

Potential staff training customers and individual learners are searching Google for training companies like yours that provide your training courses and your training services. Being at the top of training related keyword searches on Google is perceived as ‘The Jewel In The Crown’ of any higher education or skill training company marketing plan.

These organic search results are the leading driver of visitors to business websites providing an endless stream of sales leads, potential customers and new contacts. Search and Submit create well designed, well thought out, concisely written and immaculately produced training related content that says just the right things about your business.

We position this content to promote your training courses and services to learners and customers at the exact moment they’re looking for them online. Our local, national and global SEO services concentrates on getting your business website into the very best positions to be found on Google keyword searches for accredited training courses, awards and qualifications as well as  niche specific services such as staff training and funding applications.

Top Skills Training Sector Keywords For Google

Search and Submit help training providers to attract learners and influence their learning decisions using creative, intelligent design that demonstrates strength and clarity of thought. Our copy writing is clear and crisp, highlighting key messages and giving information in a measured way.

  • Businesses on the first page of Google search results reap 70% of Google’s internet traffic
  • 30% of total traffic is taken by the business ranked number one at the top of Google
  • Organic search results earned through SEO are 800% more likely to be viewed than paid ads
  • Organic Google search results generate 300% more traffic than social media.

The top search results for any training niche tend to be dominated by large players.

Our online SEO marketing and business development strategies have been tried and tested.

  • Search engine optimisation,  search engine submissions and registrations,
  • Customised press releases, website consulting and evaluations, strategic linking,
  • Online banner advertising research  and landing pages for high search engine placements,
  • Newsletter marketing, email marketing, free online classified advertising, reciprocal links, blogs
  • Online press release promotions, content positioning, online image development,
  • Marketing database generation, social bookmarking, article submissions, directory submissions

Training Company Sales Leads & Business Development

If you want to know why your training courses appears where they do on Google, if you want to explore your Google Analytics data in more detail, if you want to complain about your digital marketing experiences or how you can get the most out of your digital marketing spend then please feel free to get in touch with us directly

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