Estate Agents Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter marketing can help estate agents to regularly engage with their audience, provide valuable property market news and insights, showcase new property listings, and establish themselves as trusted industry experts. Estate Agency Email Marketing Combining high quality design and copy writing skills with a unique delivery system, Search and Submit can provide a comprehensive total […]

Email Marketing Management

Email Marketing Management Make sure email marketing campaigns can be received. Research has shown that between 50% and 70% of all e-mail users can receive HTML (graphic) emails and in theory a reasonable proportion of these can receive more sophisticated emails containing rich media (emails containing flash animation or video). However, in practice this isn’t […]

Email Marketing FAQs

Email Marketing FAQs The best email marketing services can be tailored precisely to your needs, handling as little or as much of the process you require in each issue, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. How do you track results? We are able to place a hidden image or element on the page that […]