Estate Agents Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter marketing can help estate agents to regularly engage with their audience, provide valuable property market news and insights, showcase new property listings, and establish themselves as trusted industry experts.

Estate Agency Email Marketing

Combining high quality design and copy writing skills with a unique delivery system, Search and Submit can provide a comprehensive total email or newsletter service managing the process from original design to final broadcast.

This will enable you to communicate efficiently, consistently and cost effectively with your target audience giving relevant information, expanding business networks and generating sales leads.

What email marketing can do for your business

The email or newsletter marketing service can be tailored precisely to your needs, handling as little or as much of the process you require in each issue, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. For example, you may wish to supply your own copy and Search and Submit simply design, layout and broadcast the publication.

If you are still unsure of the benefits, why not sample the effectiveness of the service with a limited test campaign or click here to review the benefits of email or newsletter marketing

Template design

Design and development of the initial email or newsletter to dovetail with your website style including branding, layout and typographic style, development of article headlines, special features, configuration of links and tracking.

Propose content

Through regular reviews of competitor websites, industry websites and magazines, news stories, internal case studies etc, We will present monthly recommendations of proposed email or newsletter content, including a brief synopsis of each story and recommended links.

Depending upon the nature of the news items we will plan a features strategy.

Research & copy writing

From the approved content list where applicable, Search and Submit will conduct additional research, gathering third party information, conducting interviews, attaining quotes and opinions to assist in copywriting. From the research Search and Submit will write both the introduction to be included in the email or newsletter together with the full story to be held on the website which will be emailed to you for approval utilising our online approval system before ‘going live’ on the website.


From the approved copy, using the template design Search and Submit will produce the final issue of the email or newsletter and make ready news content on the website prior to publication including layout, typesetting and typography, generation of graphic content, illustrations and use of photography as required, issuing you with a preview email for approval.


From final approval, using our unique delivery system, Search and Submit will first test the email to ensure that links are correct, test the database to ensure that the email addresses are valid reducing the number of bounced emails and finally, once all of the tests are complete, we deliver emails or newsletters to your subscriber database.

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