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Graphic Design Is Not Website Design

Corporate Branding Graphic & Website Designers

Successful business branding gives a company, its products and its services a clear and memorable corporate identity that potential customers can identify with and be inspired by.

Is your business perceived as modern? traditional? high tech? dynamic? big? solid? friendly? authoritative? Or even: small? dated? insubstantial?

Brand identity is defined as “the outward expression of a brand, including its trademark, name, communications, and visual appearance.”

Graphical Design Elements Of Brand Identity

In the real world a professional graphic designer will create the 5 key elements of brand identity to create a consistent style for use on business cards, corporate brochures, sales propositions, annual reports, advertising flyers, business signs, the sides of vehicles or on company uniforms

Brand Logo
Brand Color Palette
Brand Fonts
Brand Typography
Shapes and Patterns

Corporate Identity & Business Branding

Corporate identity and business branding helps shape the way potential customers, employees or investors will judge the organisation.

To their cost, many companies see the website as the final job for the graphic designer and are left with a two dimensional online representation of their business known as ‘brochure ware’.

If you need to see an example of such online brochures do any search on Google and then go to page 3 of the results.

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