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What Does My Home Page Tell Google About My Business?

Home Page SEO For Property & Estate Agency Websites In Shrewsbury

Web design trends, fashions and standards are constantly evolving and changing. Big beautiful property images are popular but estate agents have to take a couple of steps back when designing a property website and consider the role the homepage will play for the human visitor to the site and the Googlebot indexing spider.

Optimising the estate agency home page for human visitors

Not all visitors are going to enter the site through the home page. Many are going to enter through  one of the internal pages that they have found on a specific Google search results page. They will then click the Home menu link as they begin to research things further.

Either way the home page plays a major role for the website visitor.

A good homepage needs a simple design that downloads quickly and engages with the website visitor. It needs a menu that guides these visitors effortlessly to the sections of the website that has the answers they are looking for. Also needed are some calls to actions (CTAs) directing visitors to take the next step in their decision making process.

A search engine optimised homepage needs to be fast loading with a user and mobile friendly site design. With the right keywords used naturally and strategically in the menu and copy, your estate agency website is ready to compete on important searches like ‘Shrewsbury estate agents’.

Optimising the website home page for Googlebot & other search engine spiders

Googlebot is a crawling bot that in simple terms goes from link to link trying to discover new URLs for its index. The home page is the first point of call for Googlebot and a good homepage will ensure that Google is collecting all of the information that an estate agency has to offer.

Your domain name and the majority of other websites linking to your estate agency website are linking directly to the homepage. Googlebot enters the site by following one of these inbound links and when it does, we need to present it with as much information as possible.

Google will judge the download speed and identify any accessibility issues with the website. By offering image and text links on the homepage we can direct the bot to index the internal property service pages and the blog posts. We can also demonstrate to Google that we work by the webmaster guidelines by presenting optimised images and keyword friendly URLs 

SEO involves giving Google all of the information it needs about your estate agency

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In a nutshell, the purpose of estate agency SEO is to have your website page(s) rank as highly as possible on as many different property search terms as possible.

There are a number of strategies for achieving higher ranking with SEO.

Writing quality content that is informative and easy to read. This will result in more traffic (people love sharing!). It will also result in more time spent on the page (which search engines take into account, referred to as “bounce rate”).

Using targeted keywords. For example, if you’re hoping to rank highly for the keyword “pop culture merchandise,” you would want to include that on the relevant page on your site. (We’re simplifying things a bit here. But let’s just say that attempting to rank highly for a keyword and not including it on your page isn’t going to help!)

Optimizing page setup. For example, making sure that every page has a good meta description (the description that shows up under page title in search results), images, and the ideal number of heading tags.

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