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How Halls Work With You

The Halls Approach To Planning Application

We strike a balance between speed and risk, allowing our clients to effectively manage both their cost and risk exposure while we continuously add value to the project. Our process begins with a preliminary evaluation to determine if a project has potential.

Initial High-Level Appraisal

This initial evaluation is typically done on a speculative basis and requires the following information from our clients:

  • Site address
  • Site context
  • Client objectives
  • Site-specific planning policies
  • Critical time frames

Based on this initial evaluation, we proceed to a structured, fee-based service that helps develop a comprehensive planning strategy.

The fee for this stage depends on the project’s complexity and the volume of documents and local planning materials to be reviewed.

Pre-Application or Permitted Development

We may pursue a pre-application or a Permitted Development (PD) if necessary and if it applies. The report for this stage is ‘light’ but may include reports from other consultants if it’s critical to the planning process (e.g. highways and trees).

In some cases, a pre-application may not be necessary (e.g. for very similar schemes with clear changes). This stage helps establish a relationship with the Council officers and familiarize them with the site. It also helps influence the design and play the game with the Council.

In some cases, further pre-application work may involve engaging with neighbors, local amenity groups, and Ward Councillors.

The fee for this stage depends on the agreed scope of services.

Full Planning Application

This stage involves more plans and costs. We consider the need for further community engagement and political risk. The fee for this stage depends on the agreed scope of services.

For any questions regarding working with Hall planning, please use the form below