SEO Is Complicated But Not Rocket Science!

Despite the complexity surrounding search engine optimisation (SEO), it remains the most effective online marketing strategy with the highest return on investment.

However, many estate agency websites are constructed by graphic designers who pay little attention to how potential customers will discover the site.

SEO Is Complicated But It’s Not Rocket Science!

Typically, these graphic designers are more focused on creating visually appealing online brochures, often referred to as “brochure ware.” While these designs may make business owners proud, they fail to consider the crucial aspect of how customers will actually find the website.

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your website may be, if it lacks the foundations that are needed for attracting potential customers, your efforts and money spent are wasted.

The SEO challenge lies in the fact that numerous computers analyse your web pages before any human eyes have a chance to view them. Without implementing an SEO strategy, Google can not help you and your competitors are likely outperforming you in property searches, securing sales leads and establishing new business connections.

A Comprehensive Estate Agency SEO Strategy is Paramount

To convince Google that your business deserves a spot in the search engine rankings, mere graphic design skills won’t suffice. Let’s examine the search results for the keyword search ‘Shrewsbury estate agents’

Launching a successful SEO campaign requires time, dedication, and expertise. While it’s not an easy task, it’s also not rocket science. Google endeavors to simplify SEO by providing extensive guidelines for search engine-friendly web page creation. Additionally, they offer SEO tools to help your web pages rank higher for relevant business keyword searches.

If your estate agency website isn’t generating sufficient sales leads or business networking opportunities, it’s possible that your web designer or SEO agency overlooked these vital Google search optimization guidelines.

We view SEO as a quality assurance aspect of website design. Reach out to us to explore our approach to “SEO testing and quality control” in order to expand your estate agency’s reach, be it locally, nationally, or globally. What have you got to lose?

Elevating SEO: Testing and Ensuring Quality for Estate Agency Websites

Estate agents recognise that developing a digital marketing strategy is no longer optional but rather a business necessity. Understanding how people search for properties, property information, and related services online, as well as where website visitors originate from, is crucial.

In our design process, we assist estate agents in targeting and positioning their websites in Google property searches long before color schemes are even considered. To achieve success, an estate agent’s website requires more than the skills of a graphic designer.

Would you like to gain deeper insights into why your business website ranks where it does on Google? Or do you need assistance in analyzing your Google Analytics data or managing platforms like GoDaddy, WIX, or WordPress? Feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to help.

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