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SEO Is Complicated But It’s Not Rocket Science!

Despite the fact that SEO has the highest ROI of any online marketing strategy, most estate agency websites are built by web designers with very little interest in how potential customers will actually find the site.

‘Web designers’ tend to be ‘graphic designers’ who are adept at creating ‘online brochures’ know in the trade as ‘brochure ware’. They build graphical two dimensional websites that make business customers feel proud of their company.

Your website may be beautifully designed but if your designer has not thought about how potential customers will find your site, you are wasting your time on the internet and you are wasting your money on that website.

The real issue with website design is that there are 20 or more computers that will have to view your web pages before any human beings get a chance to see them.

Without SEO your competitors are probably outranking you on Google searches and are receiving sales leads and meeting new business contacts.

Convincing Google that your business should be included in the search engine rankings needs so much more than graphic design.

Let’s Explore The Online Competitive Landscape For Shrewsbury Estate Agents

A successful and profitable SEO campaign takes time, effort, and skill – It’s not easy but it’s definitely not rocket science.

In fact, Google try to make SEO as easy as possible by offering an extensive list of SEO web design guidelines for the creation of search engine friendly web pages. They also offer SEO tools to help get these web pages listed at the top of relevant business keyword searches.

If your business website is not generating enough new sales instructions or business networking opportunities,  then these Google search optimisation guidelines may have been overlooked by your web designer or SEO agency.

We see SEO as a website design quality assurance issue. Contact us to discuss our ‘SEO testing and quality control’ approach to expanding your estate agency locally, nationally or globally. What have you got to loose?

SEO Testing & Quality Assurance For Estate Agency Websites

Estate agents know that developing a digital business marketing strategy is no longer a luxury, but has become a business necessity. They need to know how people are using the web to find properties or property information and services. And also where website visitors will be coming from.

As part of the design process we help estate agents to target and position their website on Google property searches before any colours are even considered. To be successful, an estate agents website needs much more than a graphic designer.

Do you want to know more about why your business website appears where it does on Google, or explore your Google Analytics data in more detail, or do you need help with GoDaddy, WIX or WordPress?

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