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Local, National & International SEO Costs & Rates?

£300 – £700per month. If you’ve got a small business that is limited geographically (e.g., landscaping company, dental office, self storage facility, restaurant, car repair garage) then you may be able to get by with a budget in this range. However, it’s at this level the most SEO snake oil is sold, so buyer beware.

£700 -£1,500 per month. If your market is limited geographically by the nature of your business, but it’s a larger population you’re targeting, then this budget should work fine for local marketing.

£500 per month might work for a self storage company in a town with a population of 5,000, but will not get the same job done in a town of 50,000.

You may be able to pay £1,500 per month and get a decent national campaign if your business is extremely focused without too much competition.

We can run a global campaign for businesses with a particular niche audience to target.

£2,000 – £6,000 per month. If your target market is regional, national, or international you’re looking at a minimum of £2,000/month, and that’s if you’re selling a niche product or service without too much competition.

The more mainstream the product, the more you’ll have to pay to rise above your competitors

£10,000+ per month. For a national or international campaign that isn’t focused on a niche audience, expect to pay more than £10,000 per month. There is virtually no end to what you can do, despite some hype over the past year about over-optimization penalties.

You can never create too much high quality content, and for some companies a constant stream of new content is the SEO strategy for success, even if the cost of producing that content is quite high.

Local SEO Costs, National SEO Rates & International SEO Jobs

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