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SEO Keyword Research – How Many Search Terms To Find Your Business?

Organic SEO Keyword Research, Data & Analysis

Search engines exist to serve their customers the most precise answers to their search queries as quickly as possible. Our SEO design process starts with researching the keywords and finding the search terms that potential customers can type into Google, Bing and Yahoo to find the information, products and answers that they need.

The ultimate goal of every company website is to reach the top of ALL keyword searches relevant to the business, its niche, its products, its services and its location. Or at least be included in the Top 10 search results for most of them.

Our optimisation services ensure the correct positioning, placement and promotion for your company and your courses.

Search Engine Optimised Websites

The bottom line is that if your company, services or products are not available on the front page of search engines you may lose the sale or instruction, either to a competitor or because the buying impulse is lost. It is vital that potential customers can easily and regularly find your site, your services and your company.

Search engine optimisation is one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods for finding new customers. If your business website is not listed, they can not help you. We offer specialist marketing consultancy services to improve your search engine rankings.

We help you to do it once and do it right. more info on SEO marketing plans

Search Term & Keyword Research

So, the real issue here is that Google, Bing and Yahoo will view and judge every one of your web pages before any human being or potential learner get’s a chance to see them. We concentrate on getting the technical SEO elements right such as how your web pages have been built, how fast they load and how easy they are to use.

We then advise our clients to focus on the information conveyed by their pages rather than appearance. Useful content is timeless but a nice appearance is always subjective and depends mostly on current graphic design trends and fashion..

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