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SEO Marketing Plans & Strategies For FE & Skills Training Providers

SEO Generates More Learners By Outranking Competitors

Despite the fact that SEO has the highest ROI of any digital marketing strategy, most training provider websites are built by web designers with very little interest in how potential learners and business partners will ever find the site.

To their cost, many training companies see the website as the final job for the graphic designer and are left with a two dimensional online representation of their business known as ‘brochure ware’.¬† If you need to see an example of such online brochures do any search on Google and then go to page 3 of the results.

Search engine optimisation is one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods for finding learners. It is vital that potential learners can easily and regularly find your site, your services and your courses. If a graphic designer built your business website, the chances are the site is not listed and the search engines are not sending you any learners.

SEO Marketing Plans & Strategies For Training Companies

Strong, consistent and ultimately successful SEO marketing is never achieved with a piecemeal approach.

  • Search engine submissions, directory registrations and strategic linking,
  • Keyword research and competitor evaluations to create custom landing pages,
  • Newsletter marketing, email harvesting and subscription database management
  • Online press release promotions, guest blog posting, classified advertising, reciprocal links,
  • Social media campaigns, social bookmarking, article and directory submissions

SEO Keyword Marketing That Sells Staff Training Courses

Harnessing all the statistics, competitor research and market understanding, we work with you to construct a practical, clear-thinking and comprehensive SEO or keyword marketing strategy that promotes your individual training courses or qualifications and your training company.

SEO marketing plans – Firstly setting the marketing strategy with budgets, timescales, audiences, methods of reaching them etc, then putting the SEO plan into action.

SEO aims, objectives, targets – Armed with understanding of the market potential, we will stipulate clear aims for each aspect of the SEO marketing strategy including response and growth targets.

SEO assessment and performance indicators – To ensure that the marketing strategy is implemented efficiently, SEO budgets are adhered to and targets met, we will develop a process of evaluation and a method of quantifying performance.

SEO timescales and budget allocation – Based on agreed budgets, we will set out a detailed allocations to achieve the aims and objectives of each area of the SEO marketing plan.

Digital routes to market and marketing opportunities – A clear method of approach to each customer type in each industry sector in which you operate.

Defined prospect/customer profiling – A defined customer/prospect profile exploring specific niches, industry sectors and buying habits.

Partnership opportunities – Identification of marketing partners and method of approach to secure long-term sales growth through strategic links with third parties.

New business opportunities – Presentation of a business plan and feasibility study with implementation strategy for any new business opportunities that may arise as a result of our SEO marketing research and analysis.

SEO Marketing Plans & Strategies For Training Companies

If you want to know more about why your site appears where it does on Google, if you want to explore your Google Analytics data in more detail, if you want to complain about your digital marketing experiences or how you can get the most out of your digital marketing spend then please feel free to get in touch with us directly

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