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Strategic Development & Land Promotion

Strategic Development & Land Promotion

In working directly with landowners, our team of planning consultants can help you in promoting large areas of land to the Council for inclusion within the Local Development Plan, through identifying and anticipating areas of growth and promoting the site-specific benefits of the scheme in a clear and concise way that enables you to understand the degree of risk before committing to any long-term investment decisions.

We have excellent working relationships with all planning and policy council departments within our regions, built on a proven track record and benefitting landowners in ensuring that our promotional work is given the full consideration by council officers.

Whilst this method of securing planning permission is a slow and timely process, we have expert knowledge in dealing with every step of the process from site selection to selling your land to developers.

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Strategic Development & Land Promotion

Just some of the services we offer include:

Identifying Large Land Parcels Suitable for Development:

The first step in the development process is identifying large land parcels that are suitable for development. This involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of the land, taking into account factors such as location, accessibility, zoning, environmental constraints, and market demand.

By carefully evaluating these factors, it is possible to identify which parcels have the greatest potential for development and to prioritize them for further analysis.

Site Appraisals to Determine the Suitability, Viability and Deliverability of Land:

Once suitable land parcels have been identified, the next step is to conduct site appraisals to determine their suitability, viability and deliverability. This typically involves a detailed analysis of the site and its surroundings, including a site visit, the examination of planning policy, a review of existing land uses and an assessment of potential development constraints such as flood risk, contaminated land, or the presence of protected species.

This information is then used to determine whether the site is suitable for development and whether it can be developed in a way that is economically viable and deliverable.

Promoting Land Through Councils Local Development Plan processes:

Promoting land through a council’s local development plan (LDP) process is a key step in securing planning permission for a development. LDPs set out the council’s vision and strategic priorities for development in the area and provide a framework for decision-making on planning applications.

By promoting land through the LDP process, it is possible to secure a clear and up-to-date statement of support for a development, which can be invaluable in securing planning permission. The process typically involves engaging with the council to understand their priorities and to promote the benefits of the proposed development, including its contribution to the local economy, the provision of jobs, and the creation of new homes.

Developing a Suitable and Deliverable Scheme:

Once a site has been appraised and identified as suitable for development, the next step is to develop a suitable and deliverable scheme. This involves working closely with a range of stakeholders, including the local council, local residents, and technical specialists, to ensure that the development meets the needs and aspirations of the local community.

This typically involves developing a detailed design for the development, taking into account factors such as planning policy, environmental constraints, and the local landscape. By working collaboratively with stakeholders, it is possible to develop a scheme that is both economically viable and deliverable and that meets the needs of the local community.

Option Agreements with Housebuilders and Developers:

Once a suitable and deliverable scheme has been developed, the next step is to secure investment from housebuilders and developers. This can be achieved through option agreements, which give the developer the option to purchase the land at a future date, subject to the successful securing of planning permission.

Option agreements are a flexible way of securing investment and can provide the developer with the certainty they need to invest in the development, while giving the landowner the security of knowing that the development will proceed if planning permission is granted. This can be a win-win situation for both parties, providing a flexible and secure way of securing investment and bringing new development to the area.