Shropshire Poultry Farming Companies At UK Poultry Fair

Shropshire Poultry Companies That Are Leading Innovations in Poultry Farming at The British Pig & Poultry Fair 2024

Reclaim Tax Ltd, a leading provider of R&D tax credit solutions, is proud to announce its participation in The British Pig & Poultry Fair 2024, held at the NEC Birmingham on May 15-16, 2024. The event served as a pivotal platform for showcasing cutting-edge research and technological advancements within the industry, with a spotlight on three prominent companies from Shropshire that are driving innovation in poultry farming.

Reclaim Tax Helping Farmers Claim Their R&D Tax Credits

Reclaim Tax Ltd, headquartered in Shrewsbury, plays a pivotal role in advancing technology and processes within the farming and agriculture industry. Specialising in research and development (R&D) tax credits, the company empowers poultry farmers to receive financial support for agricultural research projects aimed at enhancing efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Through diverse R&D tax credit claims, rebates, and refunds, Reclaim Tax Ltd enables poultry farmers to invest in innovative solutions that promote responsible and sustainable poultry production practices.

Griffiths Family Farms: Pioneering Sustainability and Welfare

Griffiths Family Farms emerged as a leader in colony cage production, providing enriched systems for over 2 million hens. These systems are meticulously designed to accommodate natural bird behavior, offering ample space for perching, scratching, and nesting. In a monumental move towards 100% cage-free egg production, the farm now houses over 500,000 hens in spacious living conditions. With a dedicated workforce of over 220 individuals, Griffiths Family Farms processes more than 1 billion eggs annually.

Higgins Electrical Driving Innovation in Poultry Farm Installations

Based in Market Drayton, Higgins Electrical Services has been at the forefront of specialist and high-quality poultry electrical installations for over 20 years. Led by founder Paul Higgins and supported by a team of experienced project and engineering managers, the company offers a comprehensive range of services, including feeding equipment, dimmable lighting, ventilation systems, and egg collection machinery. Higgins Electrical Services continues to deliver top-notch solutions to poultry farms across the United Kingdom, Europe, and the USA.

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